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 Health Awareness & Breast Cancer Tour

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PostSubject: Health Awareness & Breast Cancer Tour    Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:35 pm


MIZeRY ReCORDS is an independently owned label that was designed to reduce expenses in cutting records & in artist promotions/ bookings. Our purpose is to realistically revolutionize the music industry’s business structure and search more carefully for undiscovered talent that may have platinum selling potential. We strive to give more to the consumer and society at economical costs while still increasing company revenue and royalties.

We look forward to having you as an investor or partner in the growth of a company that is one of a kind - a company with a realistic goal, a strong structure, and business versatility which can only lead to success in the years to come. The investment shall be for a series of events conducted by MIZeRY ReCORDS and said parties, while marketing and promoting a variety of products and services. In the endorsement section below you will find a list of associates which are affiliated with MIZeRY ReCORDS.

At this time our company is orchestrating approx. a 10 city/ 10 venue introductory tour in the United States. We will be promoting several categories: Health Awareness, Breast Cancer, and the music industry. We are involved with health organizations and need strong supporters, sponsors, and endorsements to execute our idea.
** We will donate all proceeds (or all profits less the budget expenses) to the cause of National/ international Health, a cure for Breast Cancer, and other forms of cancer as well. Any terms, ideas, or concepts are subject to change as a result of negotiations.

Merchandise – To assist us in promoting for the tour and our cause we will sell merchandise such as: T-Shirts, wrist bands, key chains, hats, custom lighters, posters, cups, banking promotions, gym promotions, future events, sports, beverages, clothing, Music Albums (reserved slots), health banners for schools, etc.
Sponsorships – we are looking to acquire several kinds of sponsorships. (Subject to change)

Hospitals – Nationwide
Banks – Bank of America, TD Bank North, Chase, NYSE, & Commerce
Fitness Gyms – Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Island fitness, Etc.
Retailers such as - Guess, DKNY, Macy’s, Nike, etc.
Doctors/Medical Practices
Music Companies, Record Labels, Management Companies, Etc.
Magazines, food stores, fast food chains, or other chain companies.
Other sponsors can be found in our sponsorship section– * Request *

The Plan - MIZeRY ReCORDS will partner with several Organizations within the medical and breast cancer fields throughout the nation and organize a health awareness tour projected to commence after June of 2012. We will then review and discuss a budget, design a marketing plan, and hire existing and new personnel, produce merchandise, and book talent and 10 venues with a minimum occupancy of 6,300. Shortly after, we will commence 3-4 months of solid promotions prior to the first event by conducting radio/TV interviews, mass internet promotion, create a universal song with booked artists to promote health awareness, and attend public events. We intend to commence the tour before the end of 2012.


1. Stimulate positive liviing amongst all of humanity.

2. Promote Three key elements...

- Promote Helping All Become Christ.

- Promote Health Awareness & Breast Cancer.

- Healing All By Connecting.

3. End all suffering, war, and hatred.

4, Promote living with integrity, dreams, and friendship.

5. Prepare the world for judgment day.

6. Rally all the masses by organizing concert and public speaking events throughout the world.

7. Create a peaceful life for eternity for all those worthy.

Contact Info

For any and all information pertaining to this event you must email


Or contact us at P.O. Box 306 Horseheads, NY. 14845
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Health Awareness & Breast Cancer Tour
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