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 The one and only MIZeRY

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PostSubject: The one and only MIZeRY   Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:25 pm


Michael "MIZeRY" Izzo became an entrepreneur in mind at the early age of 13. At this age he already started creating and manifesting aspirations of founding his own record label to pursue his goal of becoming a world famous artist and business owner. Through his teen years he continued to study the industry, practice his artistry, and pursue his aspirations of becoming an independent record label owner. In June of 2007, when Michael was only at the age of 20, he registered and established his business as a sole proprietorship in the county of Nassau in the state of New York. By establishing his General Entertainment business it allowed for him to receive a Tax Id and move up in the world of business professionally.
Michael is definitely a man of many words and many talents. Ever since he was young he had this growing ability to explore the impossible by examining everything around him more carefully then the average individual. Eventually, his ability to pursue the impossible allowed for him to believe and create the possibility of founding his own company by the name of “MIZeRY ReCORDS”. Through his early years of owning his own business Michael quickly realized it was no walk in the park. The music industry is not only one of the toughest industries to break into because of its secret society; but funding was scarce especially since his business was only a sole proprietorship. Michael later realized that he had to manage in an industry that had many competitors and obstacles which made it very difficult to maintain a newly founded business in. As the days went by Michael learned many trades of the business and concluded that you need several key elements in the music industry in order to survive. Like any business you need a dependable and talented staff of individuals. For this kind of business funding of extreme proportions are required in order to become stable in the years to come. The final element is that you need to have a keen sense of ability to weave out the bad business deals with the good ones without confusing them for one another because the music industry is one of the more shady industries to be affiliated with. Pursuing the wrong business deal can actually sink an entire business whether large or small. However accepting the right business deals can explode a start up company overnight. Michael soon realized that as many cons as there are to the industry there are just as many perks such as the mere benefit of personal computers. Thanks to portable technology and micro chips, the technology industry has made it possible to cost effectively run a record label through the world wide wed, cut records, produce artists, and merchandise music in the world of entertainment. If it wasn’t for these key elements Michael would have probably cut his loses and disbanded his business already. Being in his fourth year of business and for having worked with many top industry professionals out of NYC he has learned that if you utilize every resource around you, every contact, and every dollar it is still very possible to found a new company with very little budget money and to have it grow into a successful business in the years to come.
As the days go by, Michael continues to learn how to excel in his field by continuing to strive towards his goals for his business. It’s the very goals he’s set in place in which allow him to continue to strive towards success. His primary goals for his career path in life are the following. Establish a world wide record label, stimulate the economy by hiring thousands of employee’s both nationally and internationally, help revolutionize the methods of business for the music industry, and to help altruistically change the world through the forms of music and entertainment. Michael knows that in order to be successful in the world of entrepreneurship one must make sacrifices, one must take risks, and one must be intelligent in terms of self motivation and determination in order to acquire the personnel, tools, and resources needed to become a successful entrepreneur in the years to come. You can follow his business and trade on his company website at [Only admins are allowed to see this link] , [Only admins are allowed to see this link] & [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
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The one and only MIZeRY
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